Cozy Space with Lights and Shadow

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Concierge Desk / it. living


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Long Curtain / it. living

Premier Room

hotel it. では光の表情も心地よさを支える一要素と考えています。例えば、it. livingでは午後の西日が、カーテンやブラインドを通して美しい光と影を生み出すように設計されています。

3:00 pm / it. living

9:00 am Reception / it. living
Long Terrace / it. living


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A Time of The Afternoon / Guest Room


Bracket Light / Guest Room

Guest Room


Desk Lamp


その空間に居る人々の目的や時間に応じて、一番心地よく過ごせる光の環境を作ってあげることが、照明をデザインする上で肝要なのだそう。hotel it.で光と陰の作り出す様々な表情を、是非見つけてみてください。

it. living

Lighting plays an important role in creating a cozy atmosphere. The comfort of space changes depending on the balance of lights.

For example, you’d feel tired or get a feeling of pressure in a space with too bright lights. Whereas, in a space with too dark lights, you’d rather feel anxious than peach of mind.

Then, it. living is carefully designed to produce a beautiful combination of the afternoon sun and shadow through the window shades as hotel it. believes that expressions of lights are one of the most important factors.

At the terrace, the string lights swinging in the evening wind casts a gentle shadow on the wooden deck. In the guest rooms, white-colored window blinds are installed to take in the natural lights as much as possible. Brass wall lamps which give off warm lights and desk lamps which light up your hands are also installed in the rooms.

It’s surely efficient to light up one space with only one lighting equipment to keep brightness. However, it’s not favorable from the point of view of creating a cozy atmosphere. In short, for producing beautiful contrast between light and shadow, it’s the best way to light up one space using different types of lightings with a concept of “many lamps in one room”.

The most important aspect of lighting design is to create an optimum and comfortable environment depending on what people who spend in the space desire and the time zone.

Find and enjoy the various expressions that lights and shadow make at hotel. it.