A lost cassette tape on a street. it. music

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it. musicは、ふと道で拾い上げたカセットテープの感覚で作られている。






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it. music is created with a sense of coming across a lost cassette tape on a street.

You don’t know whose tape it is, and there’s just a number and letters spelling “mixed tape” on it.

It’s not the sort of thing you usually do. However, somehow you can’t help taking the tape to your hotel room where you’re staying. Then, you start playing it.

The contradictions that music used to have, the craving for music you’ve never met, and the fear and trepidation of wasting time… This is what we had forgotten for a while.

120 minutes was the maximum time of cassette tapes in those days.

For 120 minutes, from now on, you’ll listen…

“To the future beyond imagination”